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Roach Invasion

Controlling Pests for Over 27 Years

Since 1992, Lady Bug Exterminating Co has offered residential and business pet friendly pest control in the Chattanooga metropolitan area. Licensed and bonded in Tennessee and Georgia, our knowledgeable and experienced exterminators have been providing award-winning pest control for our customers.

Professional, Licensed Exterminators

Experience the difference that a professional, licensed exterminator can make in controlling unwanted pests in your home or business. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and outstanding service. Committed to being the best, you can trust us to complete the job right the very first time.

Pest Control Services Include:

  • Non-odorous Residual Chemical Spraying
  • Baiting
  • Wasp and Hornet Control
  • Fogger
  • Rodent Control
  • Snake Removal

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